We Welcome Families
At My Little Best Friends Early Learning Center we believe your child is a unique individual and that each day in life is an opportunity to cultivate and share new experiences.
For that reason we maintain the lowest student to teacher ratios.
This will insure that your child a warm and nurturing educational experience.

Our Family Environment encourages children to learn.
Our curriculum gives each child an irreplaceable opportunity to learn about the world through each other and through the multi-language.
The diversity of the children enrolled at My Little Best Friends Early Learning Center, proves the authenticity of our culturally based program.


  • Ratio of child to teacher is 3 to 1 or 7 to 2

  • The schedules are based on the child and the parent

  • Each full-time child has their individual crib, part-time children share cribs

  • Parents need to provide diapers, wipes and diaper cream

  • Each child has their own labeled cubby for storage like extra clothes, pacifiers, bibs and sleep sack

  • We have cabinets and refrigerators for child’s food and milk / breastmilk

  • We ask that everything that belongs to your child be labeled

  • Each child will have a daily report. Parents will fill in the top part in the morning at drop-off and as the day goes on the  teachers will fill in the rest. Parents will be able to take this report with them at pick-up

  • We do baby yoga to help with gross motor development

  • Each child will need a sheet for the crib 




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